Daily Light Gratitude Journal: A Radiant Guide to Infusing Your Life with Positivity and Purpose, by Joanna Hunter and illustrated by Stephanie Wicker-Campbell
Muse Oracle Press, 9780645885057, 200 pages, August 2024

In the Daily Light Gratitude Journal: A Radiant Guide to Infusing Your Life with Positivity and Purpose, Joanna Hunter channels beautiful messages from the collective consciousness she calls Skyler. She adds quotes from visionaries and thought leaders to serve as journal prompts or touchstones to light your way.

Hunter is a teacher, author, speaker, podcast host, and intuitive life and business coach. She is also High Priestess of the transformative group she calls Lightweb®. Hunter transitioned from marketing executive to spiritual coach after a major health scare several years ago. She channels a group of beings she calls Skyler and carries the sacred Codex of Light™ teachings. She serves as a spiritual guide for transformation and ascension.

Hunter has written four other books and published an oracle deck. After being born in Sweden, she moved to the Scottish Highlands at the age of 9. She lives in Scotland today and balances her spiritual work with her life as a mom and wife. Learn more about her at her website.

Stephanie Wicker-Campbell is a gifted illustrator and designer, who has illustrated oracle decks, journals, and book covers. She is also a keynote speaker and author in her own right. In a recent post, she expresses that she is stepping back from design work and focusing more on her publishing house, Muse Oracle Press. Wicker-Campbell resides in Australia. You can learn more about her current projects here.

This journal is a hardback version, and the cover features the stunning imagery of a portal of light that invites you to enter and record your gratitude journey. Hunter dedicates the book to “the light seekers and light players of this world.”1 She then invites you to add your name to the next page and create some intentions for your work with this special gratitude journal. The Forward includes a letter from Hunter and Skyler that explains her goals with this journal. She encourages you to reflect and journal daily as you record your gratitude statements:

“Gratitude connects us to the Daily Light. The more we can connect to our daily light, the happier we become and the more present we become in our lives dash now.  Gratitude is the key.”2

Hunter divides the journal into five sections, using a full color, double page spread for each one, which speaks to that section’s theme that follows:

  • Gratitude for the past
  • Gratitude for the lesson’s life has taught
  • Gratitude for the now
  • Gratitude for what we are calling in
  • Gratitude reframes

On these pages, she shares quotes from thought leaders and affirmations as well as a brief discussion of how to best utilize the journal for this part of the journey. The verbiage is printed on the beautiful, encoded artwork that also features a person, bird, or an animal, such as a monk, an owl, or tiger. These elements are added to the vibrant artwork, in a type of layering or collage process that allows the light codes to shine through and the rest of the symbols to play a secondary role. Some of the words on key pages inside, as well as the cover title and subtitle, is designed and printed to look like gold, but it’s not metallic. Rather, the designer used a dual-color process to mimic the shadow and light aspects of gold ink.

While the book is 200 pages, there are 156 pages of lined space for recording your daily gratitude, thoughts, impressions or epiphanies. She also mixes into each section six single pages of a stunning, light-encoded portal, on which you may focus to start your journaling.  Within the sections, Hunter includes journal prompts at the top of each right-hand page. She sprinkles thoughtful quotes throughout the lined pages of the journal. For each section, there are about 30 pages available for journaling, making this a perfect tool for a five-month gratitude journey.

At the back of the journal, Hunter shares a section called “How to use affirmations.”  Here she discusses something she calls “The game of liar ping pong.”  This is where you say an affirmation like “I am healthy.”  Then your brain says, “Oh no you’re not!” And reminds you of the nachos you just ate! Next, she provides a reframe for this ongoing “ping pong game” with yourself. She also shares her favorite ways to use affirmations and how to best word affirmations for greater success.

My favorite section of this journal is the last one, which is called “Gratitude Reframe.” Within this section, Hunter and Skyler challenge you to use reframes to speak your truth and reframe your past lessons for more success in all areas of your life:

“Reframes plus gratitude are a powerful combination that will help you shift your energy and align it with your deepest desires and of course more Daily Light.”3

This journal is a nice size (6” X 9”) and is printed on good quality paper stock that prevents bleed-through with daily use.  The edges of the paper are accented with gold foil. As shared earlier, all the artwork is printed in four-color, and the lined pages and journal prompts and quotes are printed in a light gray. I really like this feature, because the writing on these pages doesn’t detract from the book’s primary function as a journal.  The prompts at the top of the pages are printed in a cursive font, which invites you into the journaling process. There is also a silky gold ribbon to use as a placeholder. I love it when the author includes a ribbon! 

On the back cover, Hunter invites in the reader with this message:

“As you traverse the pages of this sacred journal, allow the divine visuals to awaken your soul, fostering a deeper connection to the gratitude of your existence. . . Illuminate your daily path with the radiance of gratitude affirmations and inspiring quotes to elevate your spirit.”4

Anyone who is interested in making gratitude and journaling a regular part of their spiritual practice will benefit from Daily Light Gratitude Journal. Even someone who is unfamiliar with a gratitude practice will enjoy the section guides and journal prompts. Hunter really takes you by the hand and introduces you to the concepts in an easy-to-understand way. I plan to use this for my daily journaling practice for the next five months, adding my daily card draw to the notes I write. I highly recommend this journal for its beautiful, light-encoded imagery, the uplifting affirmations and the easy-to-navigate structure.


  1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Gratitude Reframe
  4. Back Cover