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Article Guidelines

Musing Mystic’s content is based upon writer’s experience of spirituality and states of being that heighten one’s sense of connection to something greater. We seek articles from writers that highlight their own spiritual journey or teach about something that has influenced their spirituality.

We know spiritual connection and inspiration comes in a myriad of forms: art, music, movies, activism, meditation, personal exploration. In the spirit of facilitating an open dialogue, we want to hear about experiences (high and low) of developing one’s spirituality.

If you’re interested in writing for the site, it’s a good idea to sign up for our free newsletter to get an idea of the kind of work Musing Mystical publishes, or take a deep dive into the website!

Our community newsletter goes out to all subscribers twice a month. Writers and reviewers receive a different monthly newsletter. The writers’ newsletter sends suggestions for story ideas we are looking for (though we also accept pitches for other stories), and the reviewers’ newsletter lists the titles available for review that month.

These submission guidelines below concern essays, articles, personal reflections, interviews, and related material. For guidelines concerning media and product reviews, please see the review guidelines.


In all cases, please send in a pitch or query letter first, and we can work together to ensure it’s the right fit for the site. Come one, come all is our motto! We love to hear your thoughts, expertise, and divine musings.


Images are typically sourced by the editor, and will not be the writer’s responsibility. If you have something that’s a perfect fit, or ideas for what would suit the piece best, feel free to pass them along. Bonus if you have your own photography work! We love media artist contributions 😀

Please note: Musing Mystical only uses images with the permission of their creator, images in the public domain, or with the appropriate Creative Commons license.


If you have a link you’d like to include, place it between square brackets before the text you’d like to link, e.g. [http://www.link.com].


When referencing another’s work, whether a book or website please cite the source in text or footnoted, as appropriate.

Footnotes and page citations can be enclosed within double brackets. This is especially important when using quotations! All page numbers must always be supplied for any quotes used in your writing.


Articles should be between 800 to 1,200 words in length, but if you’re really on a roll we can publish up to 1,800 words.


Editing is a collaborative process. There are usually a few questions and sometimes minor rewriting that happen once submitted to the editor. If it’s only minor, they will make the change. However, if a larger re-write is needed the piece will be sent back to the writer.

Rights and copyright

For new material, Musing Mystic asks for first internet rights for the first 12 months, after which you can republish it elsewhere, with a note indicating it was first published with Indie Mystic Magazine.

Copyright remains with the author of the piece.


Right now, Musing Mystic does not offer compensation for the articles published. We are just beginning our journey and hope you will grow along with us.

Here are some reasons why we still hope you’ll contribute:

✨  You’ll contribute to a collective body of wisdom that changes people’s lives.

✨ Your article can be a catalyst for others on their spiritual path.
✨ It’s creative and fun to share your experience and knowledge.
✨ You can showcase it on your resume and professional sites, demonstrating your expertise on a subject and expanding your experience as a published writer.
✨ You’ll be supported by our wonderful team here at Indie Mystic Magazine. Our editors, social media creator, and a team of experienced professional writers will help you get noticed by a wide-variety of people to expand your horizons and open new possibilities.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.