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Oracle Kit Reviews

Most tarot, rune sets, and oracle decks come as kits: cards or stones with an accompanying book that explains the origins of the system and its symbolism.

The review should give a sense of the oracle: what it’s like, the artwork, how well the symbolism tracks with what you know, how the author presents it, etc.; as well as a sense of the accompanying book: what covers, how well it works with the images, how easy it is to use; and so on.

Play with the oracle, give the reader a sense of what it’s like to use it in its intended way, and as you feel inspired to do (meditation, etc.). Share what it felt like in your hands, your head, and how it resonates with you. Bonus if you do a reading with it and describe the energy of the cards and what the qurent felt about the deck!

How does it compare with others of its kind? If it’s a tarot deck, is the imagery derived from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, or does it focus on the Thoth Tarot, or the Marseilles?

With each oracle different elements may be more important, and your review will want to focus on what strikes you as the most significant factors.

Things to include

All reviews should be accompanied by the following information:

Title and subtitle

Author(s) name(s)

Illustrator(s) (if applicable)