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Musing Mystical is a collaborative review site that connects magically-minded publishers, writers, and readers. We cover both fiction and non-fiction books, in addition to tarot decks and oracle cards, within our niche of  magic, spirituality, witchcraft, spellwork healing and wellness, and divination. By offering genuine reviews of newly released material, our writers assist readers in determining if the book or deck is right for them while also promoting the authors’ work.

Our goal is to provide genuine reviews that assist readers in deciding if a book is right for them. Our readers love to be in-the-know about new publications to add to their collection and our reviews keep them informed.

No two readers will be the same; each has their own interests, tastes, and level of experience that will influence their decision about reading a book. This is why we steer clear of “star ratings” and aim for coverage that provides insight on the overall style, tone, and experience of reading a book or deck.

Sharing experiences and personal insights contributes to the collaborative community-building of Musing Mystical readers. Whether you are a fan of fiction, non-fiction, or anything in between, our website has something for you.

We also feature author interviews, book recommendations, and news about upcoming releases, making it a one-stop-shop for literary enthusiasts. Join our community of passionate readers today and let’s explore the world of books together.


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