The Secret Language of Color Cards, by Inna Segal
Blue Angel Publishing, 0980740606, 45 cards, January 2010

Color is all around us, spilling from the overturned bowl of the lazuline sky, bleeding rich green chlorophyll stains from the emerald grass crushed beneath our feet, and rustling in the rust and gold of autumn leaves, but we often take for granted the power of nature’s vibrant palette to affect our moods and energy levels. The Secret Language of Color Cards is a prismatic oracle for helping readers consciously integrate the healing power of color into their daily lives. 

This deck was created by Inna Segal, the author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness. She is an intuitive healer with an inspirational story. As a teenager, Segal suffered from chronic back pain that was so intense, she could barely walk by the time she reached her early twenties, despite seeking the medical intervention of doctors and chiropractors. Through meditation, she awakened the ability to miraculously heal herself and release the pain, and she discovered that she could also perceive illnesses and energetic blockages in other people and assist them in the process of self-healing. Using her intuitive gifts, she has infused each card with a healing vibration.

There are only seven colors in the rainbow, but there are 45 cards in The Secret Language of Color oracle, which delves into the nuances of various shades, and the box includes an 84-page guidebook. When I opened the box, I was surprised by how ginormous the cards are. Their dimensions are approximately 3.8 inches wide by 5.5 inches long and they are roughly the size of my hand. Some readers may find them to be cumbersome while shuffling, but I don’t mind because I have another oracle deck with similar dimensions and I think the larger size is excellent for scrying or meditating with the images. 

The cards are glossy, with rainbow splashes of color on the back, and vivid photographs of flowers, fruits, and trees on the front. Some of the images have mouthwatering depictions of food and refreshments, such as a tantalizing stream of liquid Chocolate for a nourishing shade of brown, succulent citrus segments on the spontaneous Tangerine card, and an elegant glass of wine for passionate Burgundy. 

What I love most about these cards is that they speak to me on so many levels. Some of them have the names of fruits, such as Watermelon, Cherry, Peach, Orange, Apricot, Tangerine, and Lemon, so they inspire a gustatory response. Others are named after gemstones, such as Pearl, Emerald, Jade, Turquoise, Ruby, and Sapphire, which broadens the interpretations to include the healing properties of minerals. Gazing at the cards helps me tap into my intuition and creativity by triggering memories associated with each color, fruit, or crystal. 

In the introduction of the guidebook, Segal briefly discusses the power of color to influence our energy levels and moods and gives creative suggestions for how to use the cards to incorporate more color therapy into your life. For example, you can draw a card for guidance and invite the healing power of that color into your energy field by wearing it, drinking out of a colored glass, or consuming a food or beverage with that pigment. She also says that the cards can be placed on the body to ease tension or clear the chakras

I’ve been interested in color therapy since I was a teenager, when I first learned about the power of color while meditating on my chakras. I still put a lot of thought into my color choices when decorating and buying new clothes, and when I wear makeup I like experimenting with vibrant eye shadow palettes and lipstick shades, but I’m still guilty of wearing a lot of black, which Segal says can “create stagnation and drain energy.”1 I realized when I read this passage that I do often feel fatigued, but I blame it on caffeine withdrawals or chronic depression.

Segal suggests asking the cards, “What color do I need now?”2 I drew Apricot, the color of joy. The primary message of this card is to “Rejoice & Laugh.”3 According to the guidebook:

“Apricot lightens any heavy or burdensome energy you may be carrying to bring enormous vitality, joy, and zest into your life. Apricot also releases irrational fears and anxieties; it is a color of creativity, fun, and intuition. Meditate on the color Apricot to bring more joy and lightness into your life.”4

The image featured on the Apricot card is not the fruit, as one might expect, but instead looks like a close-up of a pale orange chrysanthemum. As I gazed at the flower on the card, I realized that my mind was making all sorts of surprising connections to the word apricot. It reminded me that I used that word as a color descriptor in a short story I’m currently revising, and I’m realizing how that particular color is characterizing the person it describes. The character is a grieving person trying to recapture their childlike sense of wonder, which fits well with the healing properties of the color apricot.

This insight is inspiring me to consciously work on incorporating more color therapy into my creative writing. I also remembered that my favorite skin care product when I was younger was St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which I haven’t used in several years, so I’m taking this as a cue to start using it again. Lately I’ve been nostalgic for a lot of things from my youth (must have something to do with turning forty). I’ve been trying to eat more fruit lately, so I’m thinking about incorporating apricots into my diet as well. Finally, connecting to the joy aspect of the card, I have two whimsical orange cats with apricot-colored toe pads, and kitty cat toe beans are one of the cutest things in the world! My pets are powerhouses of joy for me. 

I decided to dig deeper and googled the etymology of the word apricot, and I learned that it shares the same root as the word precocious, which is derived from the Latin praecocia, meaning “early ripening,” because apricots ripen before their peach cousins. Considering the etymological connections, I feel that this color could be stimulating intellectually, giving one the curiosity and wonder of a precocious child, and inspire a joy for learning new things. []

In a second reading, I asked what color(s) can help me to achieve my career aspirations. Three cards jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling, and I think this message is good advice for anyone chasing rainbows. The cards I drew were Lilac (Strengthen Your Faith) + Green (Revitalize Your Nervous System) + Cherry (Live an Extraordinary Life). Basically, the overall message is that I need to have faith in myself (Lilac), release the anxiety I feel about achieving my goals (Green), and have the courage and self-confidence to manifest my extraordinary dreams (Cherry).

The Secret Language of Color is such a beautiful and soul-nourishing oracle that I plan on working with it on a regular basis. It has already stimulated my creativity so much and encouraged me to be more conscious of how color can be used for personal empowerment and revitalizing my energy levels. This is a wonderful deck for healers and anyone interested in color therapy.


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