Daily Light Affirmation Deck, by Joanna Hunter and illustrated by Stephanie Wicker-Campbell
Muse Oracle Press, 9780645885033, 60 cards, August 2024

With her Daily Light Affirmation Deck, Joanna Hunter combines vibrant light codes and beautiful art with positive affirmations to support you. These divine messages can guide your daily activities or be used as a prompt for morning journaling.

Hunter is a teacher, author, speaker, podcast host and intuitive life and business coach. She is also High Priestess of the transformative group she calls Lightweb®. Hunter transitioned from marketing executive to spiritual coach after a major health scare several years ago. She channels a group of beings she calls Skyler and carries the sacred Codex of Light™ teachings. She serves as a spiritual guide for transformation and ascension.

Hunter has written two other books and published a previous oracle deck on abundance. After being born in Sweden, she moved to the Scottish Highlands at the age of 9. She lives in Scotland today and balances her spiritual work with her life as a mom and wife. Learn more about her at her website.

Stephanie Wicker-Campbell is a gifted illustrator and designer, who has illustrated Oracle decks, journals and book covers. She is also a keynote speaker and author in her own right. In a recent post, she expresses that she is stepping back from design work and focusing more on her publishing house, Muse Oracle Press.  Wicker-Campbell resides in Australia. Learn more about her projects here.

What really interests me about this deck is the beautiful artwork of light codes, which can only be described as divinely inspired. Each card is designed with a beautiful pastel palette and a bright light that radiates from the center of each design.  As I flip through the deck, I quickly notice that each card design is unique, with no two designs repeating. The quotes on each card are printed in gold and are brief enough to capture in your heart and mind and then take with you during your day.

There are two extra cards in the deck. One provides a bit of information about Hunter and a QR code to connect with the publishing house to learn more.  The other card is double-sided and contains a personal note from Hunter that includes how best to work with the cards. She talks about shuffling the deck or placing the cards in some type of vessel and “gently swirling them.”1  I’ve learned many ways to shuffle decks, but I have never heard of placing the cards in a bowl or box and moving them around. I’m going to use my singing bowl and try this! She goes on to suggest:

“Allow serenity to wash over you, then draw a card – your affirmation for the day awaits. Let this affirmation dance through your day or pour your heart into journaling its significance to you.”2

At my monthly lunch with friends, I fanned out the cards and asked each friend to set an intention, form a silent prayer, or ask a question before selecting a card. One friend had an important choice to make about her business.  She drew this card:

“I always make the choices that align me with happiness and greatness.”

Another friend had upcoming minor surgery. She read this quote: 

“I love being healthy and wealthy.”

She also told me later about a silent prayer to resolve a financial issue. She received a 2 for 1!

For myself, I asked for support for a family issue I am struggling with. This is the message I received:

“I love feeling courageous and I choose to stand up for myself.”

I invited each woman to take a photo of her card and refer to it daily for the next week. One woman said she was going to make it her phone wallpaper!

The cards are square, much the same size as a drink coaster. They are printed on nice cardstock with rounded corners and gold edging. The paper has a nice matte coating with a satin finish on both sides. It’s very relaxing to hold the smooth cards and flip through the deck. Again, the stunning light codes seem to leap off each card and speak directly to my heart and soul. The cards feature a mix of pastel colors, with a light beaming from each one, as if Hunter is opening a portal into the Divine. The entire deck is very calming and affirming.

The deck comes in a beautiful heavyweight box that is only about an inch thick, making it the perfect size to tuck into a purse or bag. Inside the deck is a beautiful invocation:

“May daily light infuse your days and years with infinite blessings.”3

Daily Light Affirmation Deck is great for anyone who wants to set the tone for her day with a positive affirmation. I plan to keep them on my desk for a few weeks and draw a card each day, as part of my daily practice.  I can also see how holding one while I meditate can infuse me with the energy from the light codes and further instill the affirmation. I will also be carrying these in a bag to share with friends at lunch or my Friday coffee and cards group. I absolutely love these cards and the positive messages that they embody!

As Hunter says:

“Remember, inviting in more light and joy need not be a daunting endeavor; it can be as effortless as this daily ritual. Each affirmation is a stepping stone, gracefully guiding your life toward the realm of infinite possibilities within the light that surrounds us.”4


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