Embody Your Inner Goddess: A Guided Journey to Radical Wholeness, by Lauren Leduc
O-Books, 180341362X, 216 pages, December 2023

The changes in our society are opening new doorways to break the mold and discover what it truly means to be a woman without the societal condition hampering our spiritual pursuits. Increasingly, this is leading people to acknowledge the long overlooked feminine aspect of divinity. Embody Your Inner Goddess: A Guided Journey to Radical Wholeness by Lauren Leduc is a gateway for readers to deepen their spiritual connection to themselves by learning to listen to and honor the goddess within through exercises that awaken the sacred connection to the divine feminine.

It’s one thing to know the names of goddesses such as Aphrodite, Kali, Hecate, The Morrigan, and more, or perhaps going a step further, to have a relationship with a goddess, which is often part of one’s magical work. But what about your own sacred divinity? This is the real gold of this book–discovering more about what  makes your spirit unique. Leduc describes the Inner Goddess as “your personified personal connection to the sacred feminine… In her infinite power, wisdom, and compassion, she is YOUR higher self.”1

The core of the book rests on the premise that everyone possesses an inner goddess – an innate strength, wisdom, and compassion that guides us through life. The chapters are then structured to help readers peel back the layers of societal conditioning and self-doubt that often obscure this powerful inner truth. As you progress through the chapters, the journey becomes deeply personal. The exercises prompt introspection and self-exploration, allowing for a unique and intimate connection with one’s inner goddess. This process is aimed at fostering a sense of wholeness, where the reader learns to harmonize their mind, body, and spirit.

“Your life is a sacred journey and I invite you to leave no stone on this path unturned. I invite you to break past your walls that you have built to protect yourself and let the world see the beauty of your vulnerability. To let it be messy. To let it be ugly. To let it be human. Invite every part of you to the dance of life. Embrace all versions of you, past, present, and future, and bathe in her wisdom.”2

Leduc guides the readers through 49 days of inner transformation based on the chakra system. Starting with the root chakra and culminating with the crown chakra, each day there is a new affirmation related to the chakra of the week. As Leduc shares her own stories to paint a picture of what the meaning of the affirmation is intended to convey, she also talks directly to readers, inspiring them to take a look at their lives and own their power. She’ll often use the word “sister”, making it feel like she’s speaking right to you and there’s a special bond. I like her direct address, as it did wake me up to the words a bit more.

Following the insight related to the affirmation of the day, there is a reflection and an embodiment practice. The reflection is questions you can ask yourself for further clarity, while the embodiment practice is something actively do to integrate the energy. I really enjoy the reflection questions as I used them for my journal prompts to keep me on track for the full 49 days of reading this book. It’s easy to want to skip ahead to the next chapter, or likewise skip a day and tell myself I’ll catch up later. But I feel like making the commitment to move through it as intended, one day at a time, helped to create the space to honor their journey. The reading, reflection, and embodiment practice is quick enough to do daily and helps to attune me to my inner self each day. 

At the start of each week, when there is a new chakra introduced, Leduc goes into detail about the chakra and how it relates to the stage of the journey. While some might be skeptical of chakras, Leduc even addresses this in her introduction, I found the organization around the chakra system to be very impactful and intuitive. I have enjoyed focusing on balancing a chakra each week, and I notice a shift when it’s time to move onto the next chakra! I haven’t completed the full 49 days yet, but I’m making my way through quite content.

Currently, I am in Solar Plexus Chakra week. And more specifically, today, I am on “Day 17: I Am Strong AF”. Leduc describes her experience cultivating inner and outer strength, encouraging readers to overcome resistance by dedicating their inner strength to something bigger than themselves. She writes:

“Goddess, you, your life, your purpose are worth fighting for. By stepping up to life’s challenges, you are creating fertile soil to blossom and grow.”3

The reflection questions focused on what makes me feel strong vs. what makes me feel weak, as well as prompting reflection on resistances that I’ve overcome in the past that ultimately made me stronger. And the embodiment practice? PLANKS! Not my favorite, that’s for sure. 😝 But as I held the plank, I felt my core engaged and gained confidence in my own strength. This one is actually a five-day practice, so I guess I’ll be working on these planks in addition to the other embodiment practices for the rest of the week!

Overall, Embody Your Inner Goddess is a transformative book that beckons readers on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Crafted with the intention of guiding individuals towards embracing their fullest potential, this book is not just a read; it’s an experience. Through a carefully curated blend of personal anecdotes and practical exercises, Leduc opens readers with the divine feminine energy within, encouraging a radical acceptance and celebration of self. Readers will find this book a great companion on their path to self-realization and empowerment; it’s perfect for those ready to deepen their spiritual connection with themselves and live a life of authenticity and purpose.


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