Lessons from the Afterlife: A Deep Knowledge Meditation Guidebook, by Matthew McKay, PhD.
Park Street Press, 9781644119402, 142 pages, April 2024

In this beautiful book, Matthew McKay shares channeled messages from his son Jordan, who passed from this life at age 23. He has titled this information Lessons from the Afterlife and not only gives us the messages, but he also tells us how to go into a type of meditation that he calls “Deep Knowledge Meditation”1. In this deep, meditative state, you may also obtain answers to a question or receive guidance. It’s a way to work with the book, as well as use it later for guidance about life’s problems.

McKay Is both a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology. He co-founded the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic, where he works with clients and trains graduate students, as well. McKay has authored or coauthored more than 40 books. This is the fourth book he has channeled from Jordan. McKay has also published a novel and two poetry books. He resides in Berkeley, CA.

In the introduction, McKay tells the story of Jordan’s death, which was a senseless shooting in San Francisco. He also shares, “I began instinctively searching for Jordan, and he started reaching out to me, within a few weeks of his death …. He made himself known in waking visions (once for me and for several others) as well as through messages from mediums, musicians, and psychically attuned friends.”2

To deal with his immense grief, McKay consulted a past life regressionist, a psychologist who taught him a technique to talk with Jordan, and a medium who “gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever received — the ability to communicate at will with the dead.”3

McKay shares how to practice Deep Knowledge Meditation in the opening pages of the book. This prepares the reader for reviewing the channeled information from Jordan and then utilizing the prompts on the facing page. The workbook is structured in seven sections, each containing a page of beautiful prose from Jordan and a facing page of questions and prompts for your own exploration.  In the Appendix, the author shares more information on channeling, from how to do it, to questions to ask and “things not to ask for while channeling.”4

In his communications with Jordan, McKay learned that Jordan uses the term “All” to represent God, which he describes as: 

“All is God but not the conventional idea of God – a perfect, all-powerful entity that created and is the prime cause of all events on Earth. All created the material universe… All is neither perfect nor all-powerful. All is learning and evolving. All constantly grows in knowledge and awareness, and much of what All learns comes from us – souls who incarnate into the physical universe.”5

With this introduction to All, the author begins the journal with prose from Jordan regarding how All “sets the Universe in motion but doesn’t exert control over the events of our lives.”6 On the facing page, the reader sees four questions or prompts for personal exploration. At this point, you are invited to practice Deep Knowledge Meditation and ponder the questions. 

I did an experiment with the book and asked All to share a passage with me that would most benefit me at this point of my life. I picked up the book and opened it to page 28, which is entitled “Why All Creates.”  After reading Jordan’s channeled information, I reviewed the prompts and sat with pen and paper. What I learned was both surprising and calming.  After answering the questions posed, I was filled with the knowledge that it is okay for me to be different from my ancestors and family of origin. It is not only okay, but it is my right and that The Great All is rooting for me! This answer came from very deep inside my being and it has grounded me in a new way.

The book is very easy to read and simple to navigate. You might want to pick it up and read it from front to back, or you might want to look at the Table of Contents and select a section and a topic.  For example, if you want to explore the concept of Time, you can look at that section and choose a topic like “When Time Stops” or “Observing History.” The book is a nice size to put into your backpack or carrying case to enjoy anywhere.

Lessons from the Afterlife would be great for anyone who wants to explore the concept of God, how we came to be on Earth, and other philosophical questions. Someone who is grieving may also find comfort in this book, as the channeled information came from the author’s deceased son. McKay’s journey to reach and communicate with Jordan really helped him grieve:

“The heavy stones of grief lifted a bit. Jordan still existed; his love continued to be a force in our world. I could feel it.”7

Also, anyone who is interested in mediumship or communication with those on the other side would benefit from this book. The steps to channeling are concise and so helpful. I plan to keep this book on hand to share passages with clients who are grieving or struggling with life. The journal prompts are a fantastic way to talk with the Divine or your own Soul to get guidance and encouragement.  As McKay says:

“Remember that what Jordan says is just a spark, a place to begin your own process of discovery. Let the questions germinate and open your mind. The truth is in you; it is in each individual soul.”8