Faerie Wisdom: Magical Guidance & Wisdom, by Gillian Kemp
CICO Books, 9781800653191, 64 pages, 52 cards, March 2024

With her set of Faerie Wisdom: Magical Guidance & Wisdom oracle cards, creator and illustrator Gillian Kemp takes us into the magical land of the fairies and other mythical creatures from literature and lore.

Gillian Kemp is an author of more than ten books, five other oracle decks, and a Love Spell Box for enhancing your love life. Kemp is a clairvoyant who utilizes astrology, tarot and playing cards, palmistry and tea leaves to predict the future for her clients; she is also a medium, who receives messages from those on the other side. Kemp was only twelve or thirteen when she saw her first spirit and viewed the event as a natural occurrence. Learn more about Kemp at her website.

As I unboxed the set, feelings of peace, strength, and calm surround me. I felt safe and held in the loving arms of the Divine and all these magical beings. The whimsical illustrations really drew me in, and I delighted in shuffling the card deck and flipping through the guidebook. 

Although only 64 pages, the guidebook is full of history and fairy lore and “wishes to reveal the importance of fairies in your life by revealing folklore as old as the hills in which fairies have lived since time immemorial.”1 From the introduction, Kemp goes into fairy wisdom, customs, and rituals and what she calls “Faeireland.”  In this section, she discusses how we can find fairies living among us and then shares how authors and poets have shared stories about fairies for thousands of years.

Next, the deck creator tells us “How to Lay the Cards,”2 with no less than twelve unique spreads. Many of the card spreads are quite unique, such as “The Gallitraps Circle”3 and “The Faerieland Dance Spread.”4 Most of the spreads utilize a large number of cards.  She includes two three-card spreads: “The Yes or No Spread”5 and “The Faerie Divination Spread”6

I chose “The Gallitraps Circle” spread and proceeded to go through the deck and select a card to represent myself. I chose the Faerie Queen of Fall. Her hair is similar in color to my own and she has a sweet spirit. Then, I shuffled the cards and placed 8 cards around the center card, starting at the top and going around clockwise. When I turned the cards face up, I read: “The first two cards reveal what Spring will hold for you; the second 2 cards predict Summer; the third two cards, Fall; and the last two cards, Winter.”7

From this reading, I came to know that my Spring represents both good fortune and winning and Summer will bring magic and sweet dreams. For Fall, I may see that “Optimism opens doors . . . (and) Your wish will most certainly be fulfilled.”8 The Winter season will grant wishes and bring strength. 

After a web search, I learned that “gallitraps” are circles of grass, which may have been created by fairies. These circles possess magical powers. Humans have also been known to draw circles in meadows or glens for magical purposes. Later, when I looked at the back design of the cards, I noticed three fairies dancing in a gallitrap!

At my Friday Coffee & Cards group, I shared the magic and wisdom of these cards, and my friends loved them!

My friend Z had just returned from a trip and was wondering what was next for her. She drew the #3 card in the suit for Summer and learned that the time is right for new people to come into her life. She expressed her gratitude and said, “I guess it’s also time to let go of some people that no longer fit in my life!”

Another friend had a dream earlier in the week and was looking for confirmation. She drew #8, also in the suit for Summer, which represents “the glory of winning” and that “a bonus or reward is imminent.”9 Her dream had been about a windfall coming her way in June.  She saw this card and the guidance as confirmation of that prediction!

The illustrations are so whimsical and beautiful that you are easily taken to another place and another time. The cards are divided into the four seasons, starting with Spring. Each section or suit contains thirteen cards. Within each suit, the cards are numbered 1 to 13, which is reminiscent of tarot cards. Each card spells out the season and number, so it’s easy to follow along in the guidebook for the extra wisdom Kemp shares.

What I like best about these cards is that a brief bit of wisdom is listed on each card.  So, if you were to use the cards at an event or in a group where going back and forth to the guidebook was not practical, each querent can easily gain a quick message.

The cards are an unusual size, in that they are 5.25” X 2.5” and horizontal in design.  The guidebook is printed in four-color, with a thumbnail version of each card shown with the expanded guidance. The guidebook is also filled with accents of drawings of faeries, mythical creatures, and magic mushrooms. Both the guidebook and cards are printed with a glossy varnish.

The card stock is a nice weight, and the cards are easy to shuffle.  The cards and guidebook fit nicely into the box, which is quite sturdy.  After placing the cards and guidebook into the side of the box, you can add the box top for safe keeping.

This set of oracle cards would be enjoyed by both new and experienced card readers. Someone who has an affinity for faeries and nature spirits will especially resonate with the colorful artwork and guidance shared.

I plan to keep Faerie Wisdom in the box of cards I carry in my car trunk so that I have cards available for groups or coffees I attend.  Everyone loves fairies, and it is my hope that the wisdom and guidance from these cards may brighten the day and encourage someone who most needs it!