The Hedge Witch’s Hearth: Crafting and Nourishing Your Magickal Home, by Heliodor Press
Heliodor Press, 979-8987571279, 144 pages, March 2024

The Hedge Witch’s Hearth: Crafting and Nourishing Your Magickal Home by Heliodor Press is a captivating guide for blending the mundane and magical aspects of tending to one’s home with devotion and care. Drawing on the perspective of an experienced hedge witch, this book offers readers an enriching journey through the art of creating a home environment that nurtures both the body and the spirit.

“Your home can be magickal. It is meant to support you on your journeys. If you care for it and fill it with the right intentions, you will be able to feel it caring for you back.”1

The book is thoughtfully divided into areas of the home, taking readers room by room to magically spruce up their living quarters. It’s encouraged to “pay attention to the spirit of the room, not just the physical walls”2 and to adapt when needed. While the chapters are organized starting with the entryway and ending with the outdoor space, there’s no need to go in order; if a certain area of your home is calling for your attention, it’s easy to use the table of contents to find the chapter best suited for your current needs.

It’s also worth noting that not all homes will have every room provided in the book (I wish I had the extra room for a home office!), while some homes might have additional rooms not specifically focused (ex. playroom, library). With flexibility and the general how-to provided, readers will be able to mix and match information from the book to figure out what the room energetically requires for magical enhancement.

The flow of each section is the same, which I really enjoy because it made going through each room feel like a bit of a ritual where I knew all the steps to complete. First, there’s an overview of the room/space and why it’s important to the home overall. For instance, the living room is a place of relationships, while the kitchen is an area of nourishment. I realized in tending energetically to each area that understanding the purpose of each room assisted me with creating the right atmosphere.

Next, the room “essentials” are discussed, offering insight into what might be missing in your area. I never thought about some of these small details, such as having all the elements present in the living room or reminders of how much I’m loved in the bedroom, but at the suggestion of this book, incorporating them has made all the difference in the feel of the rooms.

Also included in each section is a two-page list of journal questions that help readers to tap into their feelings about the space: how it feels currently, how they’d ideally like it to feel, and questions to ignite inspiration for going forward. The questions are great for tuning into the energy of the room, opening the reader’s perspective why the room is valuable.

A journal question for the how-it-is-now aspect of the bedroom reads, “How do you feel about your clothes?”3. My answer would be old and outdated; they don’t fit, are stained, and I am embarrassed to be out in them often. Honestly acknowledging this points out that I’ve been neglectful in the self-care of myself, and my home space and attire is reflecting this too.

Meanwhile, the steps-forward question for the kitchen, “How can you incorporate the symbols that are meaningful to you in your kitchen?” aided me in remembering I bought a lovely wood-carved sign that said Kitchen Witch that I never hung up. I plan on doing that soon and also looking into other artwork I can find that reflects the magic I want brewing in my kitchen for the nourishment of myself and my family.

The more magical aspects of each section include a profile of a goddess who can inspire the energy in the space, a crystal whose energy will enhance the space, and practical spells and recipes. There’s a Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub recipe for scrubbing away negative energy in the bathroom, directions to create a Confidence Charm for hosting in one’s dining room, and a Business Blessing to enhance one’s office space, plus many more customized spells! One idea from the book that I found especially endearing is creating an Ancestor Garden in one’s outdoor space.

The book culminates with a list of further readings and listenings and a lengthy index. While the reading might feel quick, taking the time to feel into the energy of your home, journaling, and do the spellwork could last months! It’s certainly something that can be done again and again over the years, particularly if you move residences.

If you are seeking to deepen your magical practice or simply want to bring more intentionality into your home life, The Hedge Witch’s Hearth is a wonderful resource. Whether you’re seeking to learn more about hearth goddesses, gain insight from meaningful journal prompts, or simply seek to have many spells and recipes ready for whenever you need them, this book has you covered. It is a celebration of the home as a sacred space and a testament to the power of everyday magic to enhance the energy of one’s domicile.