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Crystal Connections, by Philip Permutt

Crystal Connections: Understand the messages of 101 essential crystals and how to connect with their wisdom, by Philip Permutt
CICO Books, 9781800652095, 144 pages, April 2023

Crystal Connections: Understand the messages of 101 essential crystals and how to connect with their wisdom by Philip Permutt is a sequel of sorts to his first two books,  The Crystal Healer and The Crystal Healer: Volume 2. While taking a crystal course a few years ago, I was introduced to Permutt, who is a crystal expert, crystal teacher and author. My teacher recommended Permutt’s books as a type of “Bible” for not only the coursework, but also for life. When I learned that he had published another volume, I knew I had to have it.

Permutt is based in England and has been described as “Britain’s leading crystal expert”1.  He has been studying and working with crystals for more than 30 years. He discovered crystals and their healing properties after a severe illness and several surgeries put him in the hospital. When he started using crystals for healing, his condition improved and soon he was walking after his doctor told him he might never walk again. Permutt has an honors degree in Biology, is a bestselling author, crystal teacher and lecturer, and runs a successful wholesale and retail crystal business.

He begins his book by sharing his personal introduction to crystals and reminding the reader that crystals are living beings.  I love that he calls crystals “Stone People.”2 In this book, his goal is to share his methods for “tapping into and understanding these amazing Stone People and the messages they bring us.”3

In a very organized manner and with easy-to-read prose, Permutt introduces the concepts of choosing, cleansing, and working with crystals.  Next he discusses the human energy system, including the various auras, chakras, and meridians. For each chakra, he shares a brief description, as well as appropriate crystals, fragrances, and keywords. 

Next, Permutt gives detailed instructions regarding using crystals for divination. I was not aware of this practice and enthusiastically read the information, as well as the exercises to perform a reading, creating a grid and using these crystals for a treatment.  He even includes a way to do a crystal divination meditation, which further personalizes the use of crystals for personal growth and healing. 

Finally, Permutt provides a crystal directory and arranges it by color.  This is so helpful!  Many times, a friend or client brings me a crystal for identification.  If it is not a really common crystal, I have to look it up in my many crystal books.  Permutt usually arranges his books by color and this one is no exception.

One of my favorite sections talked about the need to allow your crystals to “rest.”4

“Colors may fade or look dull  . . .  the crystal needs a vacation, just as we do.”5

You can do this by placing the crystal on a piece of amethyst.  You can leave it there until the color changes or until it tells you it’s ready to go back to work. 

Every chapter includes an important exercise or a way to work more closely with your crystals. The “Listen to Your Crystals” meditation is one of my favorites. It’s a great way to get in tune with your crystals and learn valuable insights.

I called on a few friends and asked them to give me an emotional issue or healing struggle for research with Permutt’s latest book.  Here are the results:

For my husband, who struggles with stomach issues, I learned that Obsidian and Tiger Eye can help with digestive issues and Turquoise is good for general healing. 

For my granddaughter, who has allergies, I found Carnelian is great for the immune system.

For my friend who is a craniosacral therapist, who works with babies and small children, she needed a crystal to help calm the children in her massage room. Permutt suggests Blue Calcite and I happened to have a nice specimen that I gifted to her.

And for myself, I learned that Black Tourmaline is great for arthritis. Tiger’s Eye is also good for that eye issue I had a few weeks ago!

Permutt fills the book with four color photographs of crystals and the quality and coloring is both beautiful and accurate.  He also includes quite a number of colored drawings for the exercises and to accent each chapter. The drawings are whimsical and helpful and support the information in a very down-to-earth style.

He includes a Table of Contents and two indexes.  One index is strictly for crystals and he includes a bold number for those listed in the Crystal Finder in the last section.  The other index is a general index. (Note:  I wish that he had included more symptoms in the General Index.  You have to go through the Crystal Index and look at “healing” for the area of the body or symptom that the crystal will treat.)

The information in this book is invaluable for a newbie to Stone People. Permutt covers everything from choosing a crystal (or letting one choose you) to working with crystals and healing with crystals. However, even a seasoned crystal lover such as myself can benefit from the exercises, meditations and color-coded list of 101 crystals. I particularly loved the section on allowing a crystal to choose you!

I plan to review the section on crystal divination a little later this week and set up my own twelve crystals for divination and healing.  In this way, I will have a handy set of crystal tools for clients, as well as for my own healing. Crystal Connections is now going on my office shelf with my other two Permutt books to guide me on my journey.

Crystal Connections Interview with Philip Permutt

PJ: Hello, Philip! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about your newly released book Crystal Connections: Understand the Messages of 101 Essential Crystals and How to Connect with Their Wisdom (CICO 2023). I am a huge fan of yours and have read many of your books, but for those who are new to your work, would you share a little bit about yourself?

Philip: I’m a crystal healer, teacher and author. I work with crystals every day for myself, with my clients, students and customers. I also buy and sell crystals from around the world. I live in Hertfordshire, just outside London, in the UK, but I’ll be in the US in August and September teaching Crystal Workshops and an amazing Crystal Retreat on Maui, Hawaii. All of the information is on crystalsusa.com 

PJ: How did you decide to sell crystals and teach others about crystals? What profession were you engaged in before you became a crystal expert?

Philip: Quite simply, I got ill. I was always interested in alternative and mystical things so after an operation, when I was told I wouldn’t walk again, I turned to anything and everything that might help. One of the many things I tried were crystals. I’m sure everything I tried helped to greater or lesser degrees, but crystals were physical, and way back I graduated with a degree in Applied Biology from London University. So, when I discovered the amazing ability to heal I turned to physical crystals to research for a year whilst convalescing. Although I walked out of the hospital 6 weeks and 2 days after being told I couldn’t walk, it was a good year before I had my strength back and was fully recovered. 

Before this I had a phenomenally stressful job in the entertainment industry, producing shows and promoting rock bands. So you could say I went from one type of rock business to the other rock business! 

PJ: You discuss how crystals healed your body when you were in the hospital for serious surgery. How did you come to think of crystal healing?

Philip: I just tried everything and anything. My mindset was very much not accepting that I would never walk again.

PJ: Was that quartz crystal next to your bed in 1991 a clear quartz or another type of crystal?

Philip: It was a clear quartz crystal, although quite cloudy, and I still have it today! I work with it as my master healing crystal with all my clients and myself for meditation.

PJ: What do you think draws people to certain crystals? When selecting a crystal for oneself, should a person pick one out that has the healing properties they desire or more intuitively pick a crystal that calls to them?

Philip: There are lots of good crystal books around (I’ve written some of them myself 😉) where you can look up your symptoms and find suitable crystals to help. But, I believe that crystals come into their own when you allow them to heal the underlying causes of disease. Crystal Connections is all about connecting with crystals. People often say they are “drawn” to a crystal. Whether that’s because they are bright, sparkly, colorful, or there’s a feeling they get from the crystal, it doesn’t matter. It’s as if the crystal is calling out to you, and this is the crystal that will help you with whatever you are trying to do now. But you should also be aware of the crystals you can’t stand, too! The ones that make you feel sick when you hold them or you just are repulsed by their energy. These are touching something buried deep inside you that you don’t want to look at. These are the life-changing crystals! 

PJ: You’ve written quite a few books on the topic of crystals, what inspired you to write Crystal Connections and how is it different from your other titles?

Philip: It’s the book I always wanted to write! It’s unique because I’m telling people that crystals are living beings and they communicate with us. Scientifically, crystals can indeed be classed as living as they fulfill the requirements of a living being: to eat, grow, and reproduce. And they talk to us in so many different ways. Understanding Crystal Speak is just like learning any foreign language, and Crystal Connections is full of practical exercises to awaken your senses and tune them into the language of crystals. 

PJ: Do you feel people are becoming more open to alternative healing methods, such as using crystals for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change?

Philip: Absolutely, yes! When I started 30 years ago, about 2% of the population in the UK, when surveyed, said they used any form of complementary healing or health product at all. Now, depending on which survey you read, up to 24 – 35% of the population ONLY use alternative health products and around 80% use some form of complementary health product or service.

When I started there were half a dozen professional crystal healers in the UK, today there are thousands. 

The numbers are larger in the US.

PJ: What is the relationship between chakras and crystals? Do you feel it’s important for those working with crystal energy to be aware of their chakras, and vice versa for those doing energy work to be supported by crystals?

Philip: Crystals work independently from everything else. However, when we work consciously with crystals and focus our energy and intent for the same purpose, everything works better and quicker. The chakras function as energy hot spots. So when crystals are aligned with them, it makes all healing easier and more effective.

PJ: When writing your book, how did the messages from each crystal come through to you? Do you have advice for readers who hope to open the channel between themselves and crystals to better hear their wisdom?

Philip: Crystals just talk to me. I’m with them all day every day. Sometimes it’s loud and clear, other times it’s more of a feeling. We all sense crystal energy differently so there are practical exercises throughout Crystal Connections to help the reader open and develop their own channel and crystal listening skills in ways to best suit each individual. 

PJ: And to wrap things up, out of curiosity, what is your favorite place in the world to acquire crystals? And do you have a favorite crystal?

Philip: I love the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona. It’s the biggest gem show by far in the world and you can find just about anything that exists on planet earth or even further afield such as meteorites, moon rock and Martian dust!

My favorite crystal changes from one day to another but right now it’s an aquamarine crystal I wear as a pendant that was made for me and helps me with communication… so that’s not greatly surprising as I’m writing this at this moment. 

If you are eager to learn more about how crystals can enhance your life, Crystal Connections is a great place to start!