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Daily Light Affirmation Deck, by Joanna Hunter

Daily Light Affirmation Deck, by Joanna Hunter and illustrated by Stephanie Wicker-Campbell
Muse Oracle Press, 9780645885033, 60 cards, August 2024

With her Daily Light Affirmation Deck, Joanna Hunter combines vibrant light codes and beautiful art with positive affirmations to support you. These divine messages can guide your daily activities or be used as a prompt for morning journaling.

Hunter is a teacher, author, speaker, podcast host and intuitive life and business coach. She is also High Priestess of the transformative group she calls Lightweb®. Hunter transitioned from marketing executive to spiritual coach after a major health scare several years ago. She channels a group of beings she calls Skyler and carries the sacred Codex of Light™ teachings. She serves as a spiritual guide for transformation and ascension.

Hunter has written two other books and published a previous oracle deck on abundance. After being born in Sweden, she moved to the Scottish Highlands at the age of 9. She lives in Scotland today and balances her spiritual work with her life as a mom and wife. Learn more about her at her website.

Stephanie Wicker-Campbell is a gifted illustrator and designer, who has illustrated Oracle decks, journals and book covers. She is also a keynote speaker and author in her own right. In a recent post, she expresses that she is stepping back from design work and focusing more on her publishing house, Muse Oracle Press.  Wicker-Campbell resides in Australia. Learn more about her projects here.

What really interests me about this deck is the beautiful artwork of light codes, which can only be described as divinely inspired. Each card is designed with a beautiful pastel palette and a bright light that radiates from the center of each design.  As I flip through the deck, I quickly notice that each card design is unique, with no two designs repeating. The quotes on each card are printed in gold and are brief enough to capture in your heart and mind and then take with you during your day.

There are two extra cards in the deck. One provides a bit of information about Hunter and a QR code to connect with the publishing house to learn more.  The other card is double-sided and contains a personal note from Hunter that includes how best to work with the cards. She talks about shuffling the deck or placing the cards in some type of vessel and “gently swirling them.”1  I’ve learned many ways to shuffle decks, but I have never heard of placing the cards in a bowl or box and moving them around. I’m going to use my singing bowl and try this! She goes on to suggest:

“Allow serenity to wash over you, then draw a card – your affirmation for the day awaits. Let this affirmation dance through your day or pour your heart into journaling its significance to you.”2

At my monthly lunch with friends, I fanned out the cards and asked each friend to set an intention, form a silent prayer, or ask a question before selecting a card. One friend had an important choice to make about her business.  She drew this card:

“I always make the choices that align me with happiness and greatness.”

Another friend had upcoming minor surgery. She read this quote: 

“I love being healthy and wealthy.”

She also told me later about a silent prayer to resolve a financial issue. She received a 2 for 1!

For myself, I asked for support for a family issue I am struggling with. This is the message I received:

“I love feeling courageous and I choose to stand up for myself.”

I invited each woman to take a photo of her card and refer to it daily for the next week. One woman said she was going to make it her phone wallpaper!

The cards are square, much the same size as a drink coaster. They are printed on nice cardstock with rounded corners and gold edging. The paper has a nice matte coating with a satin finish on both sides. It’s very relaxing to hold the smooth cards and flip through the deck. Again, the stunning light codes seem to leap off each card and speak directly to my heart and soul. The cards feature a mix of pastel colors, with a light beaming from each one, as if Hunter is opening a portal into the Divine. The entire deck is very calming and affirming.

The deck comes in a beautiful heavyweight box that is only about an inch thick, making it the perfect size to tuck into a purse or bag. Inside the deck is a beautiful invocation:

“May daily light infuse your days and years with infinite blessings.”3

Daily Light Affirmation Deck is great for anyone who wants to set the tone for her day with a positive affirmation. I plan to keep them on my desk for a few weeks and draw a card each day, as part of my daily practice.  I can also see how holding one while I meditate can infuse me with the energy from the light codes and further instill the affirmation. I will also be carrying these in a bag to share with friends at lunch or my Friday coffee and cards group. I absolutely love these cards and the positive messages that they embody!

As Hunter says:

“Remember, inviting in more light and joy need not be a daunting endeavor; it can be as effortless as this daily ritual. Each affirmation is a stepping stone, gracefully guiding your life toward the realm of infinite possibilities within the light that surrounds us.”4

The Secret Language of Color Cards, by Inna Segal

The Secret Language of Color Cards, by Inna Segal
Blue Angel Publishing, 0980740606, 45 cards, January 2010

Color is all around us, spilling from the overturned bowl of the lazuline sky, bleeding rich green chlorophyll stains from the emerald grass crushed beneath our feet, and rustling in the rust and gold of autumn leaves, but we often take for granted the power of nature’s vibrant palette to affect our moods and energy levels. The Secret Language of Color Cards is a prismatic oracle for helping readers consciously integrate the healing power of color into their daily lives. 

This deck was created by Inna Segal, the author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness. She is an intuitive healer with an inspirational story. As a teenager, Segal suffered from chronic back pain that was so intense, she could barely walk by the time she reached her early twenties, despite seeking the medical intervention of doctors and chiropractors. Through meditation, she awakened the ability to miraculously heal herself and release the pain, and she discovered that she could also perceive illnesses and energetic blockages in other people and assist them in the process of self-healing. Using her intuitive gifts, she has infused each card with a healing vibration.

There are only seven colors in the rainbow, but there are 45 cards in The Secret Language of Color oracle, which delves into the nuances of various shades, and the box includes an 84-page guidebook. When I opened the box, I was surprised by how ginormous the cards are. Their dimensions are approximately 3.8 inches wide by 5.5 inches long and they are roughly the size of my hand. Some readers may find them to be cumbersome while shuffling, but I don’t mind because I have another oracle deck with similar dimensions and I think the larger size is excellent for scrying or meditating with the images. 

The cards are glossy, with rainbow splashes of color on the back, and vivid photographs of flowers, fruits, and trees on the front. Some of the images have mouthwatering depictions of food and refreshments, such as a tantalizing stream of liquid Chocolate for a nourishing shade of brown, succulent citrus segments on the spontaneous Tangerine card, and an elegant glass of wine for passionate Burgundy. 

What I love most about these cards is that they speak to me on so many levels. Some of them have the names of fruits, such as Watermelon, Cherry, Peach, Orange, Apricot, Tangerine, and Lemon, so they inspire a gustatory response. Others are named after gemstones, such as Pearl, Emerald, Jade, Turquoise, Ruby, and Sapphire, which broadens the interpretations to include the healing properties of minerals. Gazing at the cards helps me tap into my intuition and creativity by triggering memories associated with each color, fruit, or crystal. 

In the introduction of the guidebook, Segal briefly discusses the power of color to influence our energy levels and moods and gives creative suggestions for how to use the cards to incorporate more color therapy into your life. For example, you can draw a card for guidance and invite the healing power of that color into your energy field by wearing it, drinking out of a colored glass, or consuming a food or beverage with that pigment. She also says that the cards can be placed on the body to ease tension or clear the chakras

I’ve been interested in color therapy since I was a teenager, when I first learned about the power of color while meditating on my chakras. I still put a lot of thought into my color choices when decorating and buying new clothes, and when I wear makeup I like experimenting with vibrant eye shadow palettes and lipstick shades, but I’m still guilty of wearing a lot of black, which Segal says can “create stagnation and drain energy.”1 I realized when I read this passage that I do often feel fatigued, but I blame it on caffeine withdrawals or chronic depression.

Segal suggests asking the cards, “What color do I need now?”2 I drew Apricot, the color of joy. The primary message of this card is to “Rejoice & Laugh.”3 According to the guidebook:

“Apricot lightens any heavy or burdensome energy you may be carrying to bring enormous vitality, joy, and zest into your life. Apricot also releases irrational fears and anxieties; it is a color of creativity, fun, and intuition. Meditate on the color Apricot to bring more joy and lightness into your life.”4

The image featured on the Apricot card is not the fruit, as one might expect, but instead looks like a close-up of a pale orange chrysanthemum. As I gazed at the flower on the card, I realized that my mind was making all sorts of surprising connections to the word apricot. It reminded me that I used that word as a color descriptor in a short story I’m currently revising, and I’m realizing how that particular color is characterizing the person it describes. The character is a grieving person trying to recapture their childlike sense of wonder, which fits well with the healing properties of the color apricot.

This insight is inspiring me to consciously work on incorporating more color therapy into my creative writing. I also remembered that my favorite skin care product when I was younger was St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which I haven’t used in several years, so I’m taking this as a cue to start using it again. Lately I’ve been nostalgic for a lot of things from my youth (must have something to do with turning forty). I’ve been trying to eat more fruit lately, so I’m thinking about incorporating apricots into my diet as well. Finally, connecting to the joy aspect of the card, I have two whimsical orange cats with apricot-colored toe pads, and kitty cat toe beans are one of the cutest things in the world! My pets are powerhouses of joy for me. 

I decided to dig deeper and googled the etymology of the word apricot, and I learned that it shares the same root as the word precocious, which is derived from the Latin praecocia, meaning “early ripening,” because apricots ripen before their peach cousins. Considering the etymological connections, I feel that this color could be stimulating intellectually, giving one the curiosity and wonder of a precocious child, and inspire a joy for learning new things. [https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/ingredients/article/on-the-etymology-of-the-word-apricot]

In a second reading, I asked what color(s) can help me to achieve my career aspirations. Three cards jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling, and I think this message is good advice for anyone chasing rainbows. The cards I drew were Lilac (Strengthen Your Faith) + Green (Revitalize Your Nervous System) + Cherry (Live an Extraordinary Life). Basically, the overall message is that I need to have faith in myself (Lilac), release the anxiety I feel about achieving my goals (Green), and have the courage and self-confidence to manifest my extraordinary dreams (Cherry).

The Secret Language of Color is such a beautiful and soul-nourishing oracle that I plan on working with it on a regular basis. It has already stimulated my creativity so much and encouraged me to be more conscious of how color can be used for personal empowerment and revitalizing my energy levels. This is a wonderful deck for healers and anyone interested in color therapy.

Ocean Spirit Oracle, by Kristine Pidkameny

Ocean Spirit Oracle: Harness the Power and Wisdom of the Sea, by Kristine Pidkameny
CICO Books, ​​978-1800653054, 64 pages, 52 cards, April 2024

Intuition and the ocean share a remarkable and seemingly mystical connection, both opening us to awareness that expands our perception of the world. The ocean, with its vastness and depth, mirrors the nature of intuition. Just as the ocean’s surface can be calm or turbulent, it hides a complex world beneath. Our intuition operates beneath the surface of our everyday awareness, influencing our decisions and perceptions in subtle yet powerful ways.

Ocean Spirit Oracle by Kristine Pidkameny is a captivating tool for those seeking insight and guidance from the depths of the ocean’s wisdom and their inner knowing. With mesmerizing artwork that draws upon the vast beauty of the marine world, each card is a gateway into the profound and healing energies of the ocean, offering a unique blend of spiritual guidance and personal reflection.

“The ocean accepts you as you are and offers many life lessons.”1

Pidkameny’s gorgeous deck invites readers to embrace the ebb and flow of life by calling upon the wisdom of the ocean. This 52-card oracle deck is infused with a beautiful, serene, and calming energy.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Ocean Spirit Oracle is its ability to blend the sublime with the tangible through natural beauty. The stunning images on the cards look like one’s ideal vacation photographs, transporting the reader to destinations of the heart and mind. The realistic quality of the images brings the wisdom of the ocean, inviting the healing power of the natural world right into the room with you.

This exploration of nature  is supported by a comprehensive guidebook, which provides detailed interpretations and thoughtful reflections, making the oracle accessible to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. For each card in the guidebook there is a thoughtful message that offers guidance and reassurance. Sometimes these messages ask you questions to reflect upon, other times they detail the scene for you, prompting the reader to meditate on the scene and how they feel immersed in the imagery. The gentle optimism of the guidebook is sure to leave readers uplifted and centered: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually transported to a  realm of serenity.

Additionally, for each guidebook entry, there’s a mantra for reflection. I’ve found repeating the reflection mantra a few times helps me to integrate the message and further invite the ocean’s energy into the present moment. As I go about my day, I will often come back to the mantra, and instantly, I am reminded of the ocean’s calming energy.

Working with this deck feels less like using a divinatory tool and more like drawing from a source of comfort and inspiration. It prompts readers to connect with their spirit through the natural world, fostering a sense of peace and understanding. Whether used for daily inspiration, meditation, or as part of a more extensive spiritual practice, this oracle deck is a treasure trove of wisdom. Readers can use this deck to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, guided by the ancient and enduring spirit of the ocean.

The card I pulled most recently is Wonder. The image has crystal clear sparkling water reflecting the blue skies above. On the calm waters, a boat calmly floats, completely present in the moment with no sense of urgency or rush. The guidebook reads, “The bright, blue horizon beckons the seafarer within on a fascinating journey of discovery and delight. Brimming with countless moments of awe and awareness, the seaside offers a universal experience of enchantment.”2 The reflection mantra reads:

“Right now is my favorite moment.”3

Pulling this card definitely pulled me back into the present moment, reminding me that this is where magic is found–not in the past or the future. After a day of organizing my schedule for the next month and making/confirming plans, it was a pleasant and much-needed message to bring me back to the here and now. Moments after pulling it, I looked up at my toddler son, realizing I hadn’t given him my full attention in a while. Noticing my gaze resting on him, my son turned to me with a big smile–what a wonder indeed!

Overall, Oracle Spirit Oracle is a lovely addition to one’s collection. While it might seem like a more summery deck (it would certainly be a beautiful addition to summer decor), it’s also a cure for the winter-blues to remember the sunny days spent lounging near the mystic ocean. Readers of all levels can enjoy this deck, as Pidkameny’s words open the heart and center the soul. I highly recommend it for those seeking to deepen their connection with the ocean and embrace the mystical wisdom of the marine world.

Faerie Wisdom, by Gillian Kemp

Faerie Wisdom: Magical Guidance & Wisdom, by Gillian Kemp
CICO Books, 9781800653191, 64 pages, 52 cards, March 2024

With her set of Faerie Wisdom: Magical Guidance & Wisdom oracle cards, creator and illustrator Gillian Kemp takes us into the magical land of the fairies and other mythical creatures from literature and lore.

Gillian Kemp is an author of more than ten books, five other oracle decks, and a Love Spell Box for enhancing your love life. Kemp is a clairvoyant who utilizes astrology, tarot and playing cards, palmistry and tea leaves to predict the future for her clients; she is also a medium, who receives messages from those on the other side. Kemp was only twelve or thirteen when she saw her first spirit and viewed the event as a natural occurrence. Learn more about Kemp at her website.

As I unboxed the set, feelings of peace, strength, and calm surround me. I felt safe and held in the loving arms of the Divine and all these magical beings. The whimsical illustrations really drew me in, and I delighted in shuffling the card deck and flipping through the guidebook. 

Although only 64 pages, the guidebook is full of history and fairy lore and “wishes to reveal the importance of fairies in your life by revealing folklore as old as the hills in which fairies have lived since time immemorial.”1 From the introduction, Kemp goes into fairy wisdom, customs, and rituals and what she calls “Faeireland.”  In this section, she discusses how we can find fairies living among us and then shares how authors and poets have shared stories about fairies for thousands of years.

Next, the deck creator tells us “How to Lay the Cards,”2 with no less than twelve unique spreads. Many of the card spreads are quite unique, such as “The Gallitraps Circle”3 and “The Faerieland Dance Spread.”4 Most of the spreads utilize a large number of cards.  She includes two three-card spreads: “The Yes or No Spread”5 and “The Faerie Divination Spread”6

I chose “The Gallitraps Circle” spread and proceeded to go through the deck and select a card to represent myself. I chose the Faerie Queen of Fall. Her hair is similar in color to my own and she has a sweet spirit. Then, I shuffled the cards and placed 8 cards around the center card, starting at the top and going around clockwise. When I turned the cards face up, I read: “The first two cards reveal what Spring will hold for you; the second 2 cards predict Summer; the third two cards, Fall; and the last two cards, Winter.”7

From this reading, I came to know that my Spring represents both good fortune and winning and Summer will bring magic and sweet dreams. For Fall, I may see that “Optimism opens doors . . . (and) Your wish will most certainly be fulfilled.”8 The Winter season will grant wishes and bring strength. 

After a web search, I learned that “gallitraps” are circles of grass, which may have been created by fairies. These circles possess magical powers. Humans have also been known to draw circles in meadows or glens for magical purposes. Later, when I looked at the back design of the cards, I noticed three fairies dancing in a gallitrap!

At my Friday Coffee & Cards group, I shared the magic and wisdom of these cards, and my friends loved them!

My friend Z had just returned from a trip and was wondering what was next for her. She drew the #3 card in the suit for Summer and learned that the time is right for new people to come into her life. She expressed her gratitude and said, “I guess it’s also time to let go of some people that no longer fit in my life!”

Another friend had a dream earlier in the week and was looking for confirmation. She drew #8, also in the suit for Summer, which represents “the glory of winning” and that “a bonus or reward is imminent.”9 Her dream had been about a windfall coming her way in June.  She saw this card and the guidance as confirmation of that prediction!

The illustrations are so whimsical and beautiful that you are easily taken to another place and another time. The cards are divided into the four seasons, starting with Spring. Each section or suit contains thirteen cards. Within each suit, the cards are numbered 1 to 13, which is reminiscent of tarot cards. Each card spells out the season and number, so it’s easy to follow along in the guidebook for the extra wisdom Kemp shares.

What I like best about these cards is that a brief bit of wisdom is listed on each card.  So, if you were to use the cards at an event or in a group where going back and forth to the guidebook was not practical, each querent can easily gain a quick message.

The cards are an unusual size, in that they are 5.25” X 2.5” and horizontal in design.  The guidebook is printed in four-color, with a thumbnail version of each card shown with the expanded guidance. The guidebook is also filled with accents of drawings of faeries, mythical creatures, and magic mushrooms. Both the guidebook and cards are printed with a glossy varnish.

The card stock is a nice weight, and the cards are easy to shuffle.  The cards and guidebook fit nicely into the box, which is quite sturdy.  After placing the cards and guidebook into the side of the box, you can add the box top for safe keeping.

This set of oracle cards would be enjoyed by both new and experienced card readers. Someone who has an affinity for faeries and nature spirits will especially resonate with the colorful artwork and guidance shared.

I plan to keep Faerie Wisdom in the box of cards I carry in my car trunk so that I have cards available for groups or coffees I attend.  Everyone loves fairies, and it is my hope that the wisdom and guidance from these cards may brighten the day and encourage someone who most needs it!

The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck, by Taylor Eaton

The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck: 44 Oracle Cards for Abundance, by Taylor Eaton and illustrated by Stephanie Wicker-Campbell
Muse Oracle Press, 0645885029, 96 pages, 44 cards, August 2024

Goal of the year? Attune to abundance and get my finances aligned. So, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to discover The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck by Taylor Eaton, a money mindset expert that has coached hundreds of women to create more wealth in their lives. Her method includes utilizing client’s Human Design charts to maximize their potential. She has tons of information and free resources for those looking to clear their money blocks on her website.

The title of this deck is what really first caught my attention. It feels like gaining financial security always requires chasing something—a new job, more clients, that promotion, and so on. But Eaton’s assertion that there’s a wealthy woman within me already was something new in itself, which instantly reframed my mindset. What might I discover from looking inside myself for the prosperity I seek? 

“Whether you are just beginning your journey to wealthy or want to amplify the abundance you already have in your life, this deck is your invitation to connect with the wealthy woman within you.”1

This 44-card deck has two types of cards: archetype cards and awareness cards. The archetype cards focus on a single woman, who embodies the energy of the archetype, while the awareness cards are more general guidance about what needs to “be shifted, cleared, or activated in order to increase the flow of abundance in your life. 2

Eaton provides brief guidance on how to use the cards, but she more offers the space for readers to find their own relationship with the deck. She does note she’s a fan of single-card pulls, so I’ve been enjoying doing those regularly for guidance every few days. I’ve gained a lot of insight by pairing the archetype card with an awareness card; I’ll separate the cards into each category and pulling from the respective piles. The combination directs my attention towards a focus while also providing me with the archetype energy I can tap into to become more aware of what come through in my reading.

The guidebook is also divided into two sections for each category of card. You can tell which type of card you’ve pulled based on where the name of the card is located (on the bottom is archetype, and on the top is awareness). The cards are arranged alphabetically, making it easy to navigate.

The guidance for each card is immensely insightful. There’s a few sentences that give a quick description of the card, a longer message, and then a final few sentences to bring it all together. Eaton’s perspective on wealth through a feminine lens focused on alignment, flow, and prosperity gives each message and gentle yet empowering feeling that leaves the readers open to new channels of wealth.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do for a career because it seems like I’m at an age where I should have it all “figured out”. Up until this point, I’ve always pieced together a living doing multiple jobs: freelance writing and editing, tutoring, astrology and tarot consultations, substitute teaching. I’ve enjoyed my varied lifestyle and the freedom it gives me. But increasingly, I feel a pressure to have a “real job”, a predetermined career path based on the expectations of others who feel I should be seeking more security at this point in my life. The archetype card I pulled for guidance about what my career path should be was The Key Holder. The guidebook reads:

“You, and you alone, hold the key to your own abundance. You do not need to waste your time or energy following the prescribed path that others have laid out. You do not need to look to others to tell you how you should go about calling in the wealth you desire.”3

Then the awareness card I pulled was Receiving Mode. Part of this card’s messages reads as follows:

“The more you are in the receiving mode, the more you consciously choose to become the version of you who receives abundance—including financial abundance. Money flows to you more easily, more quickly, and in greater amounts.”4

This message was so validating! The two cards together gave me confidence to believe in myself and have more faith that the right opportunities will continue to come my way, even if it doesn’t look like a regular 9-5 job, by remaining open to receiving. I don’t need to plan everything out; the opportunities meant for me show up when I am open to receive them.

As for the cards themselves, they’re exquisite. The gold foil on the sides gives them a luminescent shine, and the quality of the cardstock ensures the deck will hold up well during shuffles. Plus, the artwork done by illustrator Stephanie Wicker-Campbell is truly transcendent. The essence of the women on the cards shines through, attuning the reader to their frequency. All the women look like they’re in a state of divine connection. From sacred surrender to embodied confidence, their faith shines through, inspiring the same in the reader.

There’s this beautiful mixture of celestial and earthly energy embodied in the cards too. They are soft colors—lots of tan, pink, and white tones— that invoke a feeling of ease and gentleness. The stars twinkle above, while lush flowers bloom; a sense of grace is present throughout it all.

Overall, The Wealthy Woman Oracle is a must-have for those seeking to open their channels of prosperity and abundance. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be luxurious. This deck contains the financial wisdom that is not taught yet is essential to transform one’s relationship to wealth. This deck is a wonderful first step in cultivating the wealthy woman within through connecting to your soul’s path, strengthening your faith in your personal path to prosperity by following your intuition. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Oracle of the Universe, by Stacey Demarco

Oracle of the Universe: Divine Guidance From the Cosmos, by Stacey Demarco, illustrated by Kinga Britschgi
Rockpool Publishing, 9781922785015, 112 pages, 44 cards, 2023

The shining box for the Oracle of the Universe: Divine Guidance From the Cosmos really attracts your attention with the background of the night sky, a woman’s profile, and an electrical storm in multiple colors in place of the woman’s brain. By adding an overlay of even more stars, Stacey Demarco and Kinga Britschgi immediately let you know that a journey through the cosmos is about to begin!

Did you know that we have eighty-eight areas of the night sky? Demarco shares this:

“Constellations are named areas of the celestial sphere that are used to divide the night sky into specific regions for easy reference and we now officially have 88.”1

Stacey Demarco is an author, pagan practitioner and modern witch, whose passion is to “make practical magic accessible to everyone and to reconnect people with the power of nature.”2 Demarco has created nine oracle decks, one tarot deck, a lunar calendar and numerous best-selling books. She is a popular teacher and speaker in her native Australia and around the world. 

As an award-winning artist and digital creator, Kinga Britschgi has a degree in fine art and a master’s degree in bilingual education. After working as a teacher, Britschgi transitioned to the digital world, where she has been creating art for more than twenty years. Originally from Hungary, she now lives in the US with her husband and son. 

The collaboration for this deck of oracle cards is truly amazing! From the compelling cover art to the rich jewel-tone colors of the cards, I was mesmerized by the deep night sky combinations. Britschgi adds symbols, animals, people, nature, elements, and mythical creatures in a rich collage with stars, stars and more stars. Each card contains a number and a title that helps you identify it as either Constellation, Nebula, or Bright Star. Then, the creators add the name, a common name (if there is one), and a key word or theme. 

For example, for the card Sirius, it is identified as a “Bright Star,” tagged “Sirius”, modified as “Dog Star” as its more common name, and further marked with “Consistency” as its keyword. This method of identification is very helpful as you navigate the extensive guidebook. The Table of Contents is also broken into the three sections mentioned and each card is listed in number order. In addition to the name of the constellation, nebula, or bright star, they also include the key word in the table of contents.

The Constellations section is the largest grouping and includes the twelve zodiac star formations, as well as many others, such as Andromeda, Centaurus, and Cassiopea. In all, the creators include thirty-two Constellations, eight Nebula and four Bright Stars.

The guidebook is quite extensive and includes an introduction, a section on how to best use the forty-four cards, and several pages on spreads for this deck. Demarco also features a simple ritual for dedicating your deck and a few words on combining this deck with other decks. For each card, the creators feature a small, four-color photo of the card, key word, guidance summary, affirmation and information on the myth or history and IAU official astronomy tag for sky viewing. 

I took the cards on a test flight and utilized a spread called “The Stellar Read.”3 For this spread, I was to pull out the four Bright Star cards and set those aside. Next, I shuffled the rest of the deck and chose three cards. Then, I shuffled the four Bright Star cards and chose one. Here is a recap of the cards I drew and description of the spread placements:

  1. Represents the blind spot or hidden issue:  #7 Libra – Balance
  2. Represents the path of most empowerment: #35 Butterfly – Change
  3. Represents the truth of the matter: #3 Gemini – Rescue
  4. Bright Star Card: Represents the immediate action to take: #43 Vega – Dynamism

My question regarded how to get moving on a large project I was working on, where I felt stalled or sidetracked. From the four cards, I came to realize that I needed more balance, rather than an “all or nothing” work pace. I also was challenged to look at my schedule and see where changes could be made to better accommodate work in the mornings, when I am at my best.

I also got a message about waiting to respond to requests for guidance and help, rather than jumping in and “rescuing” people.  Finally, the Bright Star card spoke to the importance of setting goals, doing the work, and then resting when tired. This is a great reminder!

Next, I pulled cards for friends, both online and in my Friday “Coffee & Cards” group.  For one friend, I pulled the Crux, or Southern Cross, card.  She called to thank me and related that the message of carefully communicating to avoid sending mixed messages was right on track for her. The card featured two aboriginal men and she related that she has always been drawn to the indigenous people of Australia. 

Another friend asked: “What do I need to know as I head into the holiday season?” Her card was #26 Cygnus which talked of compassion. She was guided to show compassion for others and for herself.  I think I saw tears in her eyes when she read this passage from the guidebook:

“Get your self-compassion on and forgive yourself. It’s easy to show compassion to those you know, but a greater compassion is to show it in action to those you don’t. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Show up.”4

One of my Facebook friends received #28 Draco, which featured a dragon and the theme of “guardianship.”  She wrote to share: “This message really speaks to me today.  I need to remember good boundaries, especially as we enter the holiday season.  Thank you!”

These cards are dynamic, beautiful, and so very healing.  The rich artwork and gilt-edge finish may draw you in, but the guidance is deep and resonates on many levels. I really like the layers of the information in the guidebook. A person can simply select a card and use the keyword as a theme for their day.  Or they can go to the guidebook and read the guidance summary.  If someone has more time and wants to learn about the myth or history of the nighttime star or nebula, the information on each one is extensive. Finally, if a person wants to find the star or nebula in the sky, the information to do so is provided.  

I appreciate the structured layout of the guidebook and the easy navigation. Demarco has created signposts to make retrieving the guidance, the myth, and the sky placement easy and effortless. Oracle of the Universe would be great for a novice oracle card reader, as well as the more experienced diviner.  Also, if someone is interested in stars and nebulas, this would be a great gift! I can see myself adding this deck to client readings for a final bit of guidance.  I also look forward to using this deck for my own daily card reading.

Celebrity Spirit Oracle, by Kerrie Erwin

Celebrity Spirit Oracle: Inspiring Messages From the Famous Icons, by Kerrie Erwin and illustrated by Ellie Grant
Rockpool Publishing, 1925946584, 112 pages, 36 cards, August 2023

Celebrities have a magnetic pull; there’s something about them that draws millions of people’s attention worldwide, serving as an icon, role model, and inspiration for the general public. We look up to them, and in turn they provide us with entertainment, inspiration, and guidance on how to live our best lives. It’s not surprising then to realize their impact continues beyond their life on earth, living on in spirit, with their strong presences still intact. In Celebrity Spirit Oracle: Inspiring Messages From the Famous Icons, Kerrie Erwin channels the wisdom of some of the most beloved celebrities of our time, opening the doorway for readers to feel their energy and receive healing messages.

“These authentic and very real messages are simply for inspiration, wisdom, healing, and to inform and encourage self-reflection, which will lead to action and create change.”1

Erwin is a medium and clairvoyant who has also studied hypnotherapy, past-life regression, Australian Bush & Bach Flowers, reiki, and crystal bowl healing. She is also a talented writer and has published numerous books including Mediumship: Your Guide to Connect, Communicate (2021), Clearing: Your Guide to Maintaining Energy (2019), Sacred Space (2016), and Learning to Work with the Tarot Cards and Energy as a Light Worker (2013). Her most recent book is Spirit Rescue: Clear Negative Energy and Free Earthbound Souls, published in April 2023.

The illustrations for Celebrity Spirit Oracle were created by Ellie Grant. Her style, which absolutely shines through in this deck, is bright and colorful. Her website describes her style as “inspired by sci-fi and fantasy art, pop culture, comic book art and mythology,”2 all of which come together to capture the larger-than-life persona of these celebrities! Other decks she’s illustrated include Angels Among Us and Goddesses Among Us (one of my personal favorite decks!).

Each card in the Celebrity Spirit Oracle showcases the celebrity how we best remember them, whether it be in their sports jersey or an iconic outfit, along with the card number, their name and a one-sentence message. All the images are jazzy and exuberant. And what strikes me most about the cards is how well Grant has captured the essence of the celebrities in their facial features! The way she has illustrated the celebrities makes it feel like you’re truly locking eyes with them, creating a spirit to spirit connection.

While the cards are numbered, making it easy to look up and find out more about the meaning of your pull. In the guidebook, Erwin also explains how the celebrities in the deck are categorized by their dominant archetype; there are twelve archetypes in total, making it three celebrities per archetype. Every archetype has its own affirmation and goal, which provides further insight for readers about the card they pulled.

Looking at the description of each card, you’ll see the celebrity name, their archetype, the one-sentence message, additional keywords describing the celebrity, a little biography, the message shared from the celebrity during Erwin’s seance with them, and the meaning of the card.

Yes, you read that right, Erwin used her skills as a medium to communicate with the celebrities during seances. Reading about the celebrities’ energies in the séances and the messages they share is my favorite of this deck; this aspect really makes it feel like more than just the usual oracle deck, though the messages are just as impactful! Here’s what she shares about Marilyn Monroe:

“When Marilyn came through in the séance she was childlike, funny and gentle. She talked very fast about how she loved a lot of people she had left behind and was sorry for the mistakes she made in trusting the wrong people.”3

The card that I’ve pulled two days in a row now is Prince, who has two archetypes: outlaw-magician. It’s some fun energy to be working with. 😀 Part of the message of this card reads:

“If you have chosen this card it may be reinvention time. Dig deep within and find the passion and expression to connect intimately and intuitively with the cosmic force of the universe and all its beauty.”4

Not only does this message really resonate with Prince’s energy and what he inspired others to do during his life, it also speaks to the stage of life that I’m in right now. I can feel the waves of changes coming in. Rather than be scared and try to shut out this new energy, this card reminds me to open up and connect more deeply with the forces in play; I can let myself merge with the flow and find joy in how things all come together.

Overall, Celebrity Spirit Oracle is a quite fun and interesting deck to work with. Erwin has done an amazing job channeling the wisdom of the celebrities into practical messages. Plus the mediumship aspect of the deck reminds readers how our spirit and energy live on, and we too can tap into the energies of these celebrities to manifest change in our life. Whether you are new or experienced when it comes to oracle decks, this Celebrity Spirit Oracle is approachable, genuine, and very enjoyable to read with!

Guardian Angel Oracle, by Debbie Malone

Guardian Angel Oracle: 36 Gilded Cards and 88-Page Book, by Debbie Malone and illustrated by Amalia Chitulescu
Rockpool Publishing, 97819225796990, 88 pages, 36 cards, December 2022

I’ve had the opportunity to use many angel oracle decks; you may even call me an angel oracle deck connoisseur. It’s no wonder then that I was eager to see the messages Guardian Angel Oracle: 36 Gilded Cards and 88-Page Book by Debbie Malone and illustrated by Amalia Chitulescu held for me.

Malone has seen and sensed spirit since she was a child1. Plus she’s had seven near-death experiences during her lifetime. She’s shared her natural abilities as a clairvoyant and medium with others through readings and best-selling books, including Awaken Your Psychic Ability and Never Alone. Additionally, she was voted Australian Psychic of the Year in 2013. Malone’s ability to bring to us communication from the angels is a true gift. 

Guardian Angel Oracle was refreshingly unique in its messages, simplicity of use (this is a compliment!), and relatable illustrations. It focuses on the special connection each person has with their guardian angel. The cards offer ways in which one’s guardian angel can connect on specific topics such as past lives, new beginnings, comfort, and dreams. The cards facilitate communication with your guardian angel, while still availing one of free will; you retain the right to choose to follow messages. 

The cards offer positive messages meant to inspire, even if the topic at hand might feel challenging, which is why I appreciated the turnarounds. For example, with the Angel of Tranquility card, the message is that while one might be caught up in a fast-paced, stressful life, “there is a way to get tranquility and peace”2 back into one’s life. The focus is on the way out, not on the “problem.” The recommendations that follow such as taking just five minutes a day to slow down or to listen to calming music are doable. 

The accompanying deck guide recommends a ritual to dedicate the cards to make them your own and to infuse your energy into the deck. Debbie recommends paying attention to “jumping cards;” ones that jump or fall out as the deck is shuffled, as they are ways the angels attempt to get our attention. Anyone who has used decks regularly has most likely experienced these “jumping” cards; they seem to just fly out!

In the guidebook, Malone suggests four card layouts: one card, three-card, five-card, and six-card. The first layout I always do with a deck is a one card pull. I did the one-card pull on two consecutive days and pulled the same card, the Angel of Communication.  The Angel of Communication card shows an angel as an Asian male, dressed in contemporary white clothing with his hands in a guyan mudra pose. Seated on either side of him are an Asian male and female, also dressed in white contemporary clothing (although the woman is also clothed in purple shorts), with their backs toward each other, obviously not communicating well.

The message of the Angel of Communication card is “You have the communication skills within you to share your ideas and feelings with others.”3 The accompanying affirmation is “I have the voice I need to help me communicate with my angels and those around me.”4

The message and affirmation were true for me. But what struck me was how spot on the message was for what was troubling me, that is, difficulty communicating with a loved one. Nothing I tried was working and truthfully, I gave up, which didn’t sit well with me. The writing on the angel asked if I was “finding it difficult to communicate with a loved one about an issue?”5 It recommended a throat chakra clearing and meditation, reminding me that I could call on the Angel of Communication whenever I needed assistance with communication.

The three-card spread helps one with changes, inspiration, and guidance. The five-card spread focuses on what one needs to “work with to help you feel more connected and guided in your life.”6 The cards focus on the question, cause, action (cards three and four), and the outcome/answer. When I did a few five-card spreads the messages I received were right on, surprisingly, so much that I could not ignore them. Again, with this deck I continued to receive very clear messages that directly related to my life. 

The six-card spread, in the form of angel wings, is used for encouragement when one is “feeling disconnected from yourself and your angels.”7 It was a visually beautiful spread that offered guidance and inspiration. A few of the cards that came up in earlier spreads made an appearance in this spread. Malone recommends that one pay particular attention to the sixth card as the angel associated with the card will be the most powerful angel to work with on the question at hand.

Thirty-six angels are profiled in the deck, described by what they assist with. For example, one will find the Angels of Gratitude, Health, Procrastination, and Unity. Each angel is profiled with a positive statement about where one is at the present moment. For example, with the Angel of Balance one reads: “You are in a calm and balanced state of mind. You will make the right decisions for your future.”8 The profile continues with ways to work with the angel and how to hear the communications. It concludes with an affirmation

The deck is illustrated by Amalia Chitulescu, a Romanian-born self-taught digital artist. The front of the cards are done in a bluish gray with floating white feathers among pinkish orange clouds. The card faces vary tremendously with images of people of all races, bringing beautiful diversity to this deck.

The Angel of Comfort card has an African-American couple, with the male comforting the female. Angel wings appear behind the couple. Then the Angel of Solitude card has the image of a radiant female angel dressed in white, her wings open, her gaze focused on the heavens. White doves and feathers surround her. Below her, a woman sits on a canoe, an orange tree growing from one tip of the canoe, an orange and black butterfly sitting on the other tip, with three other butterflies surrounding the canoe. 

Overall, I highly recommend Guardian Angel Oracle for those seeking to connect with their guardian angel for divine guidance. As I mentioned, the messages from the deck have been very consistent for me, providing me with the insight I need to gain a better perspective. The angelic messages are loving, direct, and encouraging. One truly feels wrapped in angel wings when using the deck.

Shadow & Light Oracle, by Selena Moon

Shadow & Light Oracle: Reflection Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious Mind, by Selena Moon
Rockpool Publishing, 9781922579638, 96 pages, 36 cards, April 2023

Shadow & Light Oracle: Reflection Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious Mind by Selena Moon is a beautiful deck that presents opposing or complementary views on practical issues in daily life. Within the 36 cards and full color guidebook, Moon has created magical imagery with digital collage, drawings and line art. She writes the guidance from her personal experiences. 

Selena Moon is an award-winning designer, digital artist, and author.  Born and raised in Sweden, she currently resides in Sydney, Australia. With a bachelor degree and years of experience in graphic design, she has created a number of card decks and a journal for card readings. Moon firmly believes that art can positively impact people’s lives. From her website:

“Inspired by diverse sources, Selena enjoys exploring new avenues to avoid being confined to a particular style or technique. Her multidisciplinary approach allows her to combine various skills and techniques to create unique pieces of art. In addition to her artistic endeavors, Selena has a keen interest in psychology and draws on her knowledge and experience to create products that inspire and motivate people in their lives.”1

What drew me to the cards was the tagline: “Reflection cards to unlock your unconscious mind”2. On the day of my first experience with the cards, I was preparing to go to a family event. I was anxious and stressed and asked the question:

“What do I need to know to calm myself before this visit?”

I drew the card: #35 Physical Pain-Emotional Pain.  It talked about how the body and mind are closely connected and that troubles and worries can manifest as physical pain. The guidebook went further to ask me to “make note of any physical pain you might be experiencing.”3

At first, I questioned how this card was going to benefit me in my current situation, but as I read the affirmation and exercise, it became clear.  The affirmation encouraged me with these words: 

“I am calm; I am grounded; I am safe.”4

I took a photo of the affirmation with my phone and read it several times during the party. This really calmed me and helped me through a tense time with people who try my patience at every turn!

Next, I did one-card readings for a few friends.  For the first friend, who is a district manager for a corporation by day and an intuitive reader by night, I drew #21 Asking – Telling.

This card is related to communication with others and the delicate balance between asking a question and telling your point of view. Moon encourages us to stop making assumptions or rehearsing in your head what you want to say, and really try to understand and listen. 

My friend said that the reading really encouraged him with a current work situation and that he really liked the affirmation:

“I show up in conversations to understand, not to prove I’m right.”5

He thanked me for the reading and said that he felt like these cards would be ideal for further self-discovery!

For another friend, who was struggling with some major changes at her workplace, I drew #4 Reflection-Overthinking. She said this was the perfect card for her! 

This card shared information about the troublesome habit of asking “What if?” repeatedly and overanalyzing everything about a situation. This was exactly the current mindset of my friend, regarding her work changes.  She 

loved the way that Moon suggested that your thoughts can “bring you peace and harmony”6 instead of frustration. She felt that she would benefit from both the affirmation and exercise that Moon included for redirecting and reframing your thoughts.

Finally, I drew another card for myself and drew #32 Relaxation – Activation. This was on Monday, which is a day that I typically try to do all the things! Instead of stressing over my to-do list, Moon encouraged me to step back and relax a little by moving my body in a way that I enjoy, like walking.

“Activating your body will help calm your mind . . .see if you can shift your focus and let the stress out by moving your body.”7

It really worked!  After a quick walk around my neighborhood, I came back refreshed and ready to do some work on my website and create my weekly blog post. 

This deck is so beautiful and easy to use. The colors are rich jewel tones and the various photos and graphics that she uses to create the visuals are stunning. I connected with the cards and the visual art easily and the guidebook was written in a very conversational style.

Moon includes written guidance, an affirmation, and an exercise for each card. The guidebook is printed in four color, so that you can also see the card you chose inside the book. Although each card is numbered, Moon also added a Table of Contents.  In the introduction, she shares that these cards are good for those times when you feel stuck, directionless or unfocused. She also includes how to cleanse your deck, how to phrase a question and three different spreads to use.

The cards are standard size and printed on glossy card stock in a very nice weight.  They are easy to shuffle, but do not bend easily. Each card is lined with silver metallic edging.  The cards and guidebook came in a sturdy two-part box that holds each piece of the set.

My favorite card in the deck from a visual standpoint is the Energy – Motivation card, which is #20.  It features a woman looking down on a winding pathway that is covered in handwritten words and a scattering of letters.  It almost looks like a walkway to the beach, with beautiful clouds in the sky.  I could get lost in that card for days! 

My favorite card in the deck from the guidance presented is #27 Offended – Enlightened. This guidance reflected the wisdom in stopping when I am offended and seeing the trigger.  By loving that part of myself, I can move from “offended” to “enlightened.”8

Shadow and Light Oracle would be good for anyone from a new oracle reader to a more experienced reader of tarot or oracle cards.  The language is easy to understand, yet it presents great messages for self-reflection and personal growth. I plan to add this deck to the stack of decks I use to close out a tarot reading for clients. Many times, I choose an oracle card to share a last bit of guidance for clients and the wisdom from Selena Moon will be a nice addition!

Untamed Spirit Animal Oracle, by Francesca Matteoni

Untamed Spirit: Animal Oracle, by Francesca Matteoni and illustrated by Rocco Lombardi
Red Wheel, 978-1590035313, 112 pages, 50 Cards, August 2022

“This oracle of sacred animals is intended principally as an invitation to carefully explore and observe the fellow inhabitants of this planet: the beings that run, slither, jump, fly and swim around us and with us. It is an invitation to explore your own untamed spirit, the wisdom from the wild within.”1

Untamed Spirit: Animal Oracle, by Francesca Matteoni (author) and Rocco Lombardi (illustrator), is a visually stunning deck that may be used for its intended oracular purposes as well as a contemplative tool of alignment with the creatures of the natural world. The size of both deck and book of interpretation makes it an easy travel companion on those explorations into the forests, oceans, mountains, and caves that the animals and we call home.

This oracle deck features a 50-card deck and 122-page guidebook, neatly packaged in a drawer-like printed box.  The deck, box, and booklet are hand drawn images that are hues of black, gray and whites. I like this approach as it provides the reader with clean imagery that is neither distracting nor over laden with bursts of color or symbology that is unnecessary.

The dynamic guidebook describes the origin of each animal’s sacred nature along with a chart that lists its element, where it lives, zoological information,  an affirmation of mystical/spiritual energy of calling, symbols associated with it, and a brief charm to ask the animal for advice or guidance. Then each of the 50 cards features a message specific to the animal represented, and the back of each oracle card is adorned with a black and white peacock feather. 

The information relating to each of the oracle cards is thoughtfully organized by the element naturally associated with the animal (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) rather than alphabetically. Some readers may find this a bit clumsy, however, I had a sense that it was purposeful in adding another layer of thought and identification for the reader. This table of contents neatly spans two pages and the entire number of animals represented within the deck fits easily, providing the reader an “at a glance” view to find their card(s). 

I immediately went to the card and interpretation regarding the Swan, my favorite guide from early days of being a professional ballerina and my admiration of Anna Pavlova:

“The swan hour strikes when worlds touch.  I lift myself up from the water into the frigid air.  I carry with me the divine spark that is in every living being and return it to the sky.  The swan hour is the hour in which the soul emerges. Everything is pure.”2

I have come across many different interpretations of the swan, but this interpretation added another layer of depth to the majesty and intention of swan’s energy; that of the fires of the divine shining from within. Matteoni presents a description of grace as well as the recognition of the awkwardness of the cygnet, whose visage and movements do not give rise to this fledgling’s transformation into an ethereal creature. The image of the Swan crafted by Lombardi is both beautiful and evocative of the duality of form of this creature, being neither in the light and not of the dark but moving through a space that is the compilation of both.

My second card was drawn randomly, after asking “What is my focus in the present time?”. Not surprisingly, my subconscious immediately sought out the Bee:

“I am the alchemist of the word.  I transform the nectar of flowers into fruit. In my home, I produce golden honey. My buzzing is the sound of all that is regenerated. I dedicate my work to the great universal mother. I am responsible for what I create.”3

As I read the interpretation, I am reminded that the Bee is part of a collaborative matriarchal society that carries great responsibility within the animal world. Though small, it is mighty in what it can produce and create that is both nourishment and healing. The key words Matteoni uses for the Bee on the card are “responsibility” and “dedication”. This card spoke to me at a personal level of my work within the community as an Elder and High Priestess of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition, as mother of five, wife of 46+ years and my responsibilities as an Admin. Assistant within a diverse school district. Busy bee indeed!

Overall, Untamed Spirit: Animal Oracle is a refreshing offering that stands apart from the colorful and graphic laden decks that are in abundance. The simplicity of interpretations provided and the depth of the black and white imagery make this oracle deck a perfect choice for those less familiar with using an oracle system, creating a user-friendly format to explore the mystical aspects of organic life. This is a deck that will be returned to frequently by novice and expert alike. With each new exploration, it will catalyze within its user a call to the stream of animal spirit that resides within all sentient life on our planet.